Free Code Camp Projects

I strongly believe that online open education is the future of education. One organization that I believe is leading this movement for computer programming is Free Code Camp. The following are some projects that I have developed through Free Code Camp’s Front End Development curriculum. Click on the images to view a live demo on my Code Pen profile.

Weather App

The weather app uses an API to roughly estimate your location based on your IP address, and another API to fetch data on the local weather. OpenWeatherMap recently changed their API such that the app no longer works, should be an easy fix that I will fix soon.

Random Quote Generator

The random quote generator uses an API to fetch a random quote and displays it in a simple way, where you can also share the quote on Twitter.

Wikipedia Article Finder

The Wikipedia article finder uses Wikipedia's own API to fetch articles that fit search criteria.

TwitchTV Status Display

This web app uses the Twitch API to fetch data regarding the status of a given user, and checks whether or not they are online. Note: TwitchTV recently changed their API such that my code no longer works without a developer account.