Lagrange a minimalist Jekyll theme

Math and Code Formatting

Lagrange comes out of the box with MathJax and syntax highlighting through fenced code blocks. MathJax allows you to display mathematical equations in your posts through the use of LaTeX. Syntax highlighting allows you to display source code in different colors and fonts depending on what programming language is being displayed. As always, Jeky... Read more

Death to Stock

All of the beautiful photos that you see used on this demo site have been taken from Death to Stock. Read more

Free Code Camp

Interested in learning how to code? If you are interested in doing web development, check out Free Code Camp. Read more

Khan Academy

A great resource for learning a variety of topics, including mathematics, web development, coding, and topics in computer science such as algorithms, is Khan Academy. Read more

About the Author

Hi there! I’m Paul. I’m a physics major turned programmer. Ever since I first learned how to program while taking a scientific computing for physics course, I have pursued programming as a passion, and as a career. Below is a compilation of some of my favourite things that I have built over the years. You may find everything else on my Github an... Read more